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If you would like to submit an experience that you had on either of our tours and tell others about it, or if you would like to send in your unusual photos please contact us at or phone 0421 819 373.

From one of our guides:

Yesterday I was at the airport and I saw some women who were there getting ready to board their plane. These women had been on my tour three days earlier and really enjoyed themselves. I overheard one of them talking to another man in the group whom did not do the tour and she was talking about old Cyril down in the basement. So three days later, she was still talking about the tour.

From people who have completed one of our tours:

Hi, We were on your tour with Mena on Tuesday 5th May with our 11-year-old son, who absolutely loved your tour, as did we. We think we may have caught a few "ghosties" with our camera and hope you like them.

Thanks - Tracy, Alan and Drew Harris

My Husband and I were on your tour on the 7th, which, may I add was really great fun, very informative and spooky. On the last stop, the stables, I was taking photos willy nilly, as soon as I shot this one, I noticed sometime on the bottom right hand corner of the screen, must admit I was too scared to look at it then. Once I did I saw the man's face very clearly. The positioning of this image was on the ground, pretty much in the middle of the stables. I can't explain it other than I caught a ghost on film.

Cheers, Prue Edward-Subotsch

We did the Ghost Tour on Sunday 23rd November with our guide being Pauline... who by the way is fantastic. We have some photos from the tour, just showing orbs, but some are cool. Some seem to be on doors and in one photo the orb is a very large one in the centre and is red which I admit I haven't seen before. The strange thing is.. it appears to have gotten bigger since we first looked at the photos a few days after the tour... I don't understand how...

Regards Carolyn

Hi there ... My friend and I did the ghost tour on 27/11/12, and Pauline was our tour guide. I took some orb pics on the night ... I have circled some of the images (mainly as I sent them to some friends who are also interested in ghosts) and others I have left as they speak for themselves. The tour that we did was brilliant, and Pauline was a wonderful tour leader. I am still raving about the tour to everyone who asks. When I next come back to Launceston, I will happily do the tour again.

Thank you, Tamara

Hi guys, Here are a couple of pics to add to your collection. Didn't think I caught anything till I downloaded them. One has a ghostly image on top right of house, the other is of the statue and there appears to be a blue cross on top right - this may be from a church but I don't remember seeing one. Also Eileen felt her hair being tugged at the last place - she thought it was me but turned around to find I was not there ... weird.

Joe Cirkovic

I could listen to these girls (the guides) all night, walk around the town with them for days on end. They are so fascinating and go into quite a bit of depth with each story. You can see this is something they are passionate about. Just wish I could see the ghosts like others did.

Christine and Jack

I attended the Launceston City Ghost Tour 27/12/05 with the firm belief that ghosts do exist....all of my guides were a wealth of information and I felt really comfortable. I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness as the stories that my guides told us unfolded. The photos that I took that night certainly confirm my beliefs that ghosts DO exist strongly recommend anyone who is at the crossroads of wanting to believe or not wanting to believe take this just never may or may not feel anything......but if you have a camera......a picture never lies. Thank you once again for a life changing experience


I recently went along on one of the Launceston Ghost Tours with my large family and a number of friends, in all there were 20 people in our group and the staff were more than accommodating for our size. I would like to thank Sarah for organising the tour for us and Maureen, our guide for the evening. What a wonderful night we had, hearing about the ghosts, the history and seeing Launceston in a different light. We can not praise Maureen enough, she really was wonderful and we will recommend her to anyone. Keep up the good work.


Dear Sarah and Michelle, I would like to say thank you very much, the tour was great. The stories were very scary, and I was interested. Thank you very much!!


Hi, Just came back from Launceston and took a photo with my mobile. I felt a cold area to my left behind me and turned around and took a photo over my left shoulder with my mobile and to my surprise a white area appears in the bottom corner. I had nothing white on (all black) and no mirrors behind me. It's in the dungeon of the hotel where we met Cyril.


I just want to say thank you to Heather and Sarah for a most enjoyable tour last Saturday evening. First time I have been on a tour and found it most interesting, even without ghost factor the historical information was wonderful. Our visiting journalists also thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to All.


Recently my wife and I partook in your tour we loved it! The guides take you back in time, almost like you are really there . . . and they kept us awake for half of the night as our hotel just happened to be one of the haunted sites.