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Launceston Ghost Tours - Interesting & Unique Things to Do in Launceston!

Launceston Tasmania has a deep and dark convict past. A past with violent and torturous deaths, and deaths caused by heartache and pain. Petty thieves, rapists, murderers and ill-treated servants and slaves used to roam the Streets, buildings, and churches of Launceston.

On this Launceston tour you can experience their ghosts and the paranormal energies that they left behind. We offer three 90 minute walking tours:

  • Adult Tour
  • Children’s Tour and Birthday Parties
  • Educational Tours

Throughout the tour you will experience darkness, loud noises, screaming. Many of our guests have experienced unexplained paranormal feelings. Our guides are skilled and can adapt the gore-level depending on the age of the audience.

The walking is easy with frequent stops.

The stories told here are real eye openers and surprisingly some are not even known to the locals. Believers and sceptics alike that have been on the tour have had some form of experience and photos taken have shown some form of unexplained figures or light.

Fact or Fiction? Believer or Sceptic? Take this special Launceston tour and decide for yourself.

Launceston Ghost Tours are one of the unique things to do in Launceston and one of the best Launceston activities.